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Support work in the home

How a Support worker helps you in your home..

OKSS support workers will help you by travelling to your home where they will provide assistance and supports with your daily activities.
These daily activities may include: self-care help, meal preparation and assistance, and they may even help you with some domestic chores or help you run other errands.

OKSS Support workers can provide personal care support and companionship for people with disabilities..

OKSS Support workers will work with families of people living with disabilities and ensure that they are part of the program and are included when decisions are made. 

Our support workers will provide guidelines about the programs that are created and how they can support their loved ones.


What services do support workers provide in the home?

  • They will help with household tasks
  • Provide personal care support
  • Administer medications if required
  • Help their clients learn new skills (such as cooking and arts and crafts)
  • Help with shopping and preparing meals
  • Work with doctors and therapists

Please ensure you talk to your support worker so that a plan for support work in the home can be created around your needs.

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